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She knows her stuff! I've seen her for vision therapy for an extreme condition that gave me great discomfort. She has been able to help me greatly and I have had tremendous improvement. I would also say she is in top of her game, listens intently and is very personable. Vision therapy is a cooperation between the patient and doctor. The doc isn't going to wave a magic wand, say some magic words and make things go away. The patient also has to do activities in order to make progress. For some, progress will most likely be incremental, for a small group it may come quickly. Thinking of the costs of vision therapy vs. a lifetime of costs of vision problems, I would choose vision therapy every time and Dr. Tsang would always be my choice.
12 months ago
- Mike C.
Dr. Tsang is fantastic! She provides superior individual eye care to each client, whether you are there for an eye exam or something more serious. Her staff is friendly and exhibits the same customer-first attitude. Truly a cut above all eye care professionals I have ever visited.
2 years ago
- Scott W.
I had made an emergency appointment late notice on a Friday and Dr. Terry Tsang accommodated me right away despite it being last minute. Dr. Terry had her daughters birthday shortly after my appointment and I thought it was so selfless of her to still take me in as her emergency patient despite her personal plans. I appreciate you taking care of me and looking into my eyes as I was worried that something could have been wrong. Dr. Terry made me feel comfortable and addressed my area of concern right away. Thank you Dr. Terry for alleviating my stress and seeing me last minute. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DOCTOR!
2 years ago
- Elaine N.
Dr. Tsang and her office are wonderful! I visited Dr. Tsang weekly for over 3 months as a vision therapy patient. I went to her for post-traumatic vision syndrome following a head injury (TBI). I had many weird symptoms, and she was incredibly kind and thoughtful every step of the way. Every week, we would do an in-house vision therapy session, and I would be assigned "homework" to do every day to ensure that my progress continued. She helped make the homework enjoyable but a good challenge. Vision problems post brain injury (and I imagine developmental problems as well) take time to recover, and Dr. Tsang was always patient and confident. She celebrated the little accomplishments along the way. Over the 3 month period, I've felt less dizzy in crowds, had fewer headaches, been less fatigued, and have started reading for pleasure! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Tsang for vision therapy. I was an adult patient, but I can tell that she is also very patient and prepared to work with children. It was also nice working with her office - Ruby was very helpful with any questions I had about coverage, scheduling, etc. They were quick and efficient at every appointment.
2 years ago
- Laura B.
I travel from the san francisco bay area every year to have my eyes check by doctor Tsang, she is the best , and I will continue to travel to have my eyes check by her
4 years ago
- Jose A.
I have been going to Dr. Tsang for at least 10 years and she is great. I have a complicated prescription and I always feel well taken care of. She's extremely patient, caring, and WELL INFORMED. She is very good at answering questions, and is very nice. I would recommend her to anyone.
5 years ago
- Elizabeth N.
I have been to Dr. Tsang for 2 years now and would have continued to see her but I moved out of state. Dr. Tsang is the most thorough and trusting optometrist I've seen in 15 years! She was the first optometrist to diagnose me with an eye muscle dysfunction that no other optometrist had even bothered to test for before. I am able to read and work on my computer for longer because of the vision exercises she recommended! She is a contact lens specialist as well as a vision therapy specialist, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. Oh, and fantastic bedside manner! I can't recommend her enough!! 🙂
5 years ago
- Leslie M.