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Sports Vision Training for Bowling - depth perception and hand eye coordination

Sports Vision Training for Bowling

To become a good bowler, one needs strength and endurance. But visual skills, like eye-hand communication, depth perception and good balance, are just as essential.

Just as bowlers build muscle at the gym, sports vision training acts as a “gym” that helps improve the visual skills needed to succeed at the bowling alley.

What is Sports Vision Training?

Sports vision training is a customized set of exercises that help an athlete enhance the communication between their eyes and brain by honing the visual skills needed to succeed in their sport. Focusing, eye-tracking, peripheral awareness, visual reaction speed, dynamic visual acuity, and hand-eye-body coordination are just some of these skills.

Balance, Hand-Eye Coordination and Depth Perception

To be an accomplished bowler, you need not only to be physically fit but also have top-notch hand-eye coordination. Your eyes transmit the location of the pins and the gutters to your brain, which instructs your body how to direct the bowling ball.

While pinpointing the distance between you and the pins, and the distance between the pins, requires good depth perception, the ability to accurately roll the ball depends largely on maintaining balance. If your stance is shaky, the trajectory of the ball will cause it to go off-target.

This is where sports vision training can help.

Enhancing the Performance of a Bowler

We offer sports vision training to help athletes achieve their goals and take their game to the next level. A functional eye exam will evaluate your visual skills, after which we will create a personalized sports vision training program, catered to your specific needs and goals.

Contact Dr. Terry Tsang to optimize your visual skills and become the athlete you know you can be!

Dr. Terry Tsang Optometry, Inc. provides advanced sports vision training for patients from Tustin, Lake Forest, Newport Beach, and Mission Viejo, California as well as our surrounding communities.

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